Announcement & Riddles

A quick announcement and some riddles!


The newsletter will be on a break while we figure out how to create exercises for certain important biases—confirmation, anchoring, etc.

We had a lesson ready for the confirmation bias but the exercises didn’t showcase the bias in a clear manner.

Thank you to all the people who provided feedback on the early lesson draft!

In the meantime

We would love some feedback on Decision School—what you like, what you dislike, issues you have, etc.

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Riddle 1

A riddle from Mindspace

Make sure to pause the video before the answer is revealed.

Riddle 2

A quick puzzle from the New York Times

Riddle 3

A big brown cow is lying down in the middle of a country road. The street lights are not on, the moon is not out, and the skies are heavily clouded. A truck is driving towards the cow at full speed, its headlights off. Yet the driver sees the cow from afar easily and avoids hitting it, without even having to brake hard.

How is that possible?

Riddle 4

Individual bus rides cost one dollar each. A card good for five rides costs five dollars. A first-time passenger boards the bus alone and hands the driver five dollars, without saying a word. Yet the driver immediately realizes, for sure, that the passenger wants the card, rather than a single ride and change.

How is that possible?

Riddle 5

In a Bangladesh market, a small potato bag costs 5 taka, a medium potato bag costs 7 taka, and a large potato bag costs 9 taka. Yet, a single potato in that market costs 10 taka.

How is that possible?

Riddle 6

An accountant says: "That attorney is my brother", and that is true – they really do have the same parents. Yet that attorney denies having any brothers – and that is also true!

How is that possible?


Answer to Riddle 3

It is daytime.

If you couldn’t figure it out, you were probably thinking of “nighttime”.

The misleading part: Denying sources of illumination implies darkness.


Answer to Riddle 4

Passenger paid with five $1 bills.

If you couldn’t figure it out, you were probably thinking of “one $5 dollar bill”.

The misleading part: It is easier to imagine a stated quantity as a single unit than as more.


Answer to Riddle 5

The potato bags were empty.

If you couldn’t figure it out, you were probably thinking of “bags full of potatoes”.

The misleading part: Containers described by specific content are imagined with it inside.


Answer to Riddle 6

The accountant is female.

If you couldn’t figure it out, you were probably thinking of “the accountant is male”.

The misleading part: Some professions are (mentally) genderized.


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